Кронштейн для ОПН и кабеля SH536

Производитель: ENSTO

Модель: SH536

Цена по запросу
Тип SH536
GTIN 6418677415043
Название Кронштейн для ОПН и кабеля
Для кабелей ø40-100 мм
Описание SH536 suits all 40- 100 mm diameter cables. The cable fastening is flexible and no extra filling is needed. Over voltage protection brackets include all the required fixing material, a KG20 earthing connector and bolts for the cable lug. SH606 and SH607 mounting brackets are used for installing the SH536 surge arrester bracket on a double pole. SH607 includes mounting irons (SH606) with mounting screws.