ОПН с прокалывающим зажимом SE46.440-15

Производитель: ENSTO

Модель: SE46.440-15

Цена по запросу
Тип SE46.440-15
GTIN 6438100326692
Название ОПН с прокалывающим зажимом
  275 V, 15 kA
Описание The design of SE 46.440-15 enables installation on insulated conductor and branch connection, the same connector is used for both. Connector can be installed on insulated Al conductors with cross section range 10 - 95 mm² and Cu conductors with cross section range 1.5 - 70 mm² and branch connection with the same range of conductors. The surge arrester comes with earthing conductor which is 6 mm² Cu wire (1 m) and equipped with M8 cable lug.