Траверса двухцепная промежуточная SH157.10

Производитель: ENSTO

Модель: SH157.10

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Тип SH157.10
GTIN 6418677406881
Название Траверса двухцепная промежуточная
20 kV, H=550, K=1400, double line
Описание For suspending double, three phase covered conductor line. Allowed loads for the crossarm at conductor fixing points are: Fx= 3.0 kN angle load, Fz= 3.3 kN horizontally along conductor, Fy= 3.2 kN vertically downwards. Note! At the line's inner angle side, the conductors must be tied especially securely onto the necks of the insulators. The tyings must be made so that they will support the above mentioned angle load. At the line's outer angle side, the conductors should be placed onto the insulator's top groove. Normal conductor tying is sufficient at outer angle side.