Зажим прокалывающий SLW25.22

Производитель: ENSTO

Модель: SLW25.22

Цена по запросу
Тип SLW25.22
GTIN 6438100304218
Название Зажим прокалывающий
50-150 / 50-150 мм², срывные головки
Описание The connector SLW25.22 is for non-tension aluminium to aluminium connections in MV up to 36 kV covered conductors without peeling the insulation. The connector is watertight by silicone greased teeth. The nominal insulation thickness of the conductor varies between 2.3-3.3 mm. Especially used with CC conductors. The connectors can be used with insulation cover SP16. Connector SLW25.22 is equipped with a shear head bolt.